Is incomplete dominance and codominance the same thing? ? pls


In co-dominance, both alleles are expressed in the offspring; in incomplete dominance, the offspring demonstrate an intermediate form of the alleles from the parents.


An allele is one of the different forms or versions of a gene. A homozygote possesses two copies of the same allele, while heterozygote possesses two different alleles. Phenotype of an organism means its physical appearance and genotype is the genetic code, which is the combination of alleles inherited from the parents. Incomplete dominance is is a form of intermediate inheritance in which one allele for a specific trait does not completely expressed over the other allele, and thus a third phenotype is produced in which the expressed physical trait is a complete mixture of the phenotypes of both alleles from the parents. Here, one allele does not dominate or mask the other while displaying a new trait. Example of incomplete dominance is Snapdragon, where a red snapdragon flower is paired with a white snapdragon flower, the result is a pink color flower. Co-dominance is the condition in which both the alleles are fully dominant and both the alleles for a specific trait are equally expressed. Thus the resultant phenotype of the offspring will express both the character of parent alleles equally. Example of co-dominance is AB blood type in humans, where both the A allele and the B allele are equally expressed.


Gregor Mendel showed his inheritance character in the garden pea plant. According to him, there are 2 alleles which are inheritable - dominant allele and recessive allele. The dominant allele is always dominant over the recessive one which is known as the complete dominance. When the offsprings have both recessive alleles it will show its character.

There are other characters present besides dominant and recessive. Such characters are known as Mendelian deviation as it does not obey Mendel's law of inheritance. e.g. codominance, incomplete dominance.

In codominance alleles, characters are blended and a new character has seen in the next generation. This new character is neither dominant not recessive, it is an intermediate character between the 2 characters.

e.g When the white and red flowers crossed pink flowers are formed along with red and white.

In the case of codominance, both alleles express their characters. Such phenotypic characters are known as codominance because both alleles are expressed in the offsprings.

e.g. When the red and white flower plants crossed the offspring flowers are red with white spots or the white with red spots.




The production of pink flowered plants from a cross between a red flowered plant and a white flowered plant is an example of  C. incomplete dominance


Incomplete dominance is a type of intermediate inheritance that occurs when one allele for a particular characteristic is not completely expressed over its paired allele. The phenotype that is formed will have a physical trait which combines the phenotype of both the alleles. In this example, the pink flowered plant is the resultant phenotype which is different from the paired allele in the red flowered plant and white flowered plant.


C-codominate inheritance


Incomplete is a blend like a black human and white making mixed, while codominate shoes both traits.

Answer No 1:

The genotype of the red beans will be RR. As red is the dominant trait, it will be written in capital letters.

A dominant trait is the one which suppresses the effect of a recessive trait. A recessive trait is the one which gets masked by the dominant trait.

Answer No 2:

The genotype of the white beans will be rr. As white beans are considered as a recessive trait, hence it will be written in small alphabets.

As explained earlier, a recessive trait gets marked by a dominant trait. For a recessive trait to express its phenotype, both the alleles of a gene should be recessive.

Answer No 3:

The genotype of the pink beans will be Rr.

        r        r

R    Rr       Rr

R     Rr        Rr

Answer No 4:

The correct option is C.

Incomplete dominance can be described as a trait which occurs when a dominant trait is not dully dominant over the recessive trait. As a result, offsprings are produced which have a phenotype which is a blending of both the dominant and recessive phenotypes. Such an effect is known as incomplete dominance.

Codominance is where both are dominant
Codominance is where both are dominant
Both mean dominant. However in codominance, both the dominant and the ressive trait are present
Both mean dominant. However in codominance, both the dominant and the ressive trait are present

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