List the activities of the warm in the soil highlights it if positive impact to the soil health.​


So what is the question?
Genotypes and phenotypes Cannot be changed

to compare what various countries are doing about issues related to cooking

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can impact an individual’s health


Which statement describes a characteristic that is shared by both genotypes and phenotypes?

answer- can impact an individual’s health

1) The author's main purpose is to persuade you through Ethos. Trying to give you a problem, then a solution, to show that he is fair. The author is trying to present these issues so that you are aware of what is going on. He is comparing it to various countries to show what they are doing and to encourage others to do the same. Explaining that the countries with the power and authority can help, being the more developed countries.

2) Pretty much the same as the first one, except, with the smoke  health part, it is to portray how people need better way's to get fuel, or it will cost the country

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