What is the least valuable natural recourse?


The correct answer is a

answer: 20 percent

the fish culture has become a developing commercial practice in developing countries which is already prominent in developed countries of the world. the major fish protein demand is being supplemented in developing countries is   fishing to meet the needs of the growing population. therefore, in some developing nations, the percentage of animal protein from fish in the diet can be as high as 20 percent.

Gay-lussac's law i think.

glacial erosion, the picking up and movement of earth beneath a glacier, is also referred to as plucking. erosion and transportation of individual pieces of bedrock, especially large "joint block occur as a result of this glacial erosion. plucking is type of erosion in which rocks become frozen into the bottom and sides of the glacier.as the glacier moves downhill it 'plucks' the rocks frozen into the glacier from the ground.

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