Anyone can help me with this one???

Anyone can help me with this one???


I can try to help :)
I am not sure if you still need help but I can help with what I can if you still need it

whats the assignment

Step-by-step explanation:

well...i`m no expert but try restarting your nintendo then try playing the game agein or try to delete the game and redownload it if that doesen`t work try seeing if you can go to a proffetional on things like this to get it fixed after,before,or during your road trip


please try this

so basically In the start, you just make a list of all literary elements and the themes and all  

Now think about how they help portray the story and theme. One could be imagery, and it helped visualize the setting, other could be a metaphor, and how it gave you an understanding of blablabla

after you have thought of this, I want you to form a thesis statement

Thesis statement should be like a claim kind of

so it can be something like "the theme of is and literary elements contribute to the choice of the theme by

thats the outline for ur thesis statement

now u have to make another paragraph explaining only theme

so in this paragraph u explain the theme and what is it basically

Third paragraph u explain how it literary elements contribute to the theme

and lastly fourth paragraph it isnt even paragraph all you do is restate the thesis statement and revise what u said in a 2-3 line summary

and u done


Since you are given ALL three sides, then you will ALWAYS be able to make ONLY unique triangles.   ^‿^

if you are still interested we can do zoom

Step-by-step explanation:

i'd give you my insta

Step-by-step explanation:


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D. Increased precipitation and increased slope


An increase of precipitatioon will overflow a stream, causing it to mover faster, while an increase of slope will cause gravity to pull the slope down faster.

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