Which is better a leopard gecko, crested gecko, or bearded dragon?


Not sure what you mean by this question

i think its c. amphipod

Which organism is a detritivore in the food web shown below? a wading egret b mullet c amphipod

crested geckos


Bearded dragons can be really cool pets but they need a lot of space and they are high maintenance animals. Leopard geckos are awesome but they need a variety of bugs and food. Crested geckos are a good beginner pet you just put powder and water together and thats what they eat with crickets or some other type of bug and they get water from misting down there cage.

For a household pet, a bearded dragon is better because of its durability and its ability to form bonds with people over time.


Bearded dragons also look cooler,, im more partial to moniter lizards myself but bearded dragons are awesome reptiles. Im not sure if that was what you were asking though :,)

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