What was one major source of conflict during the civil rights movement of the 1940s to 1950s?
a. the american civil war
b. race riots in new york and detroit
c. the tennessee v. john thomas scopes decision
d. the patriot act?


C. The desegregation of Little Rock central high school

The right answer is A.

The Montgomery bus boycott



The correct answer is the following: option C. The desegregation of Little Rock Central High School was one of major source of conflict during the Civil Rights Movement during the 1940s and 1950s. The conflict began when a group of nine African American students tried to enroll in Little Rock Central High School but were prevented from doing so because the school was a racial segregated institution. As a result the case was taken to the Supreme Court where an historic statement was issued in 1954, declaring all the segregated schools unconstitutional and therefore called for the desegregation of all schools across the country.

Race riots in New York and Detroit


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I'm not sure if there were supposed to be options for us to choose from along with this question, but one conflict that arose during the Civil Rights Movement was segregation or Jim Crowe Laws.

b. race riots in New York and Detroit 

The Detroit, New York, and Texas riots are the significant protests at that time. 1943 was carried out in the region of Detroit of the United States, from the night of June Twenty to the early morning of June Twenty-two. The race riot was eventually overcome by the performance of 6,000 federal companies. It happened in a time of climactic community which increases the cultural tensions incorporated with the army buildup of World War II, as Detroit's automotive manufacturing was transformed into the conflict.

The Murder of Emmett Till

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A. The murder of Emmett Till


Emmett Louis Till (1941–1955) was an African American boy lynched in Mississippi, with the excuse of having offended a white woman.  

The despicable cruelty of his murder and the later acquittal of his killers led thousands of people across the United States to pay attention and even dedicate themselves to the Civil Rights Movement, to which Till became a posthumous icon.  

One major source of conflict during civil rights movement of 1940 and 1950 is letter B. race r iots in new york and detroit. Detroit, New York and Texas ri ots are the major ri ots on that time. It is a riot that has a conflict of races and color discrimination. In the said ri ots, there is a conflict between the white and black because of issues of r ape and stealing properties.

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