Any process used to ask and answer testable questions about observations of the natural world defines which term?


the Scientific Inquiry

That is the definition of a hypothesis.


That describes an Experiment

Scientific inquiry


A scientific inquiry is a systematic way of finding out about certain phenomena in our environment through the use of careful observations and experimentation. It follows a series of steps and procedures which helps a scientist to critically think and observe certain events in his environment. Through the observations, scientific conclusions are then drawn.

scientific hypothesis

2.Scientific inquiry. It is the same as Science Method.

There are 5 steps :

1. Ask a question

2. Do some research for that question

3. Hypothesis ( guess what is going to happen during the experiment )

4. Test the experiment and collect the data .

5. Conclusion ( say what you learned from the experiment)

scientific inquiry

Explanation: edg answer

Scientific research is based on the scientific method. The objective of a scientific investigation is to obtain information based on observations to solve questions and understand the natural phenomena that surround us. In a scientific investigation it is important to be clear about the research question, the initial hypothesis, the methodology and how the results will be analyzed.

scientific inquiry


scientific inquiry


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