I’ll mark you brainliest and give you 30 points

I’ll mark you brainliest and give you 30 points



Step-by-step explanation:

So, the absolute value of −6 will be the distance from −6 to 0 on the number line, and it is 6.

42/100 u can write it as 21/50 also

here 21/50 is known as simplest fraction

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4. B

Step-by-step explanation:


Step-by-step explanation:

0.42 = 42/100

42/100 = 21/50

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13. part a

What Lenora did wrong is that when you multiply 2 terms, the exponents are added not multiplied. It would be 10x^4y^6

13. part b


when the terms are divided, the exponents are subtracted

1 mole of a gas at STP occupies volume = 22.4 L


1 mole of of an element has a mass = Gram molecular mass (if it is molecule and O2 at STP is a molecule O2) = 2 x (atomic mass) =2 x 16 = 32 g

Since 22.4 L at STP = 1 mole =32 g of O2.


Some gases are monoatomic (like He,Ar,Kr,Xe, etc) in these case 1 mole of gas ay STP will have mass equal to their gram atomic mass.

It would be the boiling point.


Because it is not a liquid nor a gas, that would mark the last two out. I'll have to guess that it is the boiling point of water.

100% sure the answer is B





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