Identical twins in humans, which are deuterodstomes, are formed when cells at the four-cell stage are seperated. a grasshopper, which is a protomes, will die if the cells are separated at the four cell stage. what does this indicate about when the cells are differentiated in the zygote? why might deutrostomes differentiate their embryonic cells later than the protostomes?


Well, mitochondria are the energy supplying organelles.

Knowing this, the mitochondria is different in the cells of older people because its been damaged, its called Mitochondrial Aging. When mitochondria age, just like us, they get damaged. And when they get damaged they damage our age, in a sense that we get older. This is how it is different in older people.
All the parts of a cell has separate functions with out the parts of a cell the body would not function properly one example is... The cell has a part called a vacuole the vacuole helps collect waste and water for the body to use and throw away

The Deuterostomes shows indeterminate development, in which each of the cells of the eight-cell embryo if separated remain capable of developing as complete organisms. This contrasts to protostomes determinate development, in which the development fate of each cell in the adult organism has already been determined.


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