Ihave a question related to why would a 36 year old female’s pubic hair become quite sparse in the past 12 months compared to the thickness of it over 12 months ago. nothing has changed as far as diet, environment, shaving/trimming, weight loss/gain, hair sparseness not present any other place or any other reason of interest. she is very concerned and embarrassed as she was quite proud of what she had going on prior to a year ago. than you!


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the answer is c because it is most logical.

Answer : romans built laws to manage the pollution which was lead by smoke produced by the factories.

they had the law tat factories that produces smoke cannot be built near residential buildings.

building of proper sewage system was done to ensure that the waste is carried away from the humans so that they do not get diseases from it.

also they built water systems to provide water in those areas which are drought prone.

a community that experiences major changes undergoes progress

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