If a microscope has a resolution of 300 nm and you use it to observe 2 cells that are 320 nm apart, would they look blurry, or will you be able to see 2 separate cellsa. trueb. false


will be able to see 2 separate cells


Resolution in simple terms can be defined as the minimum distance between any two objects up to which an optical device can produce two separate images of these closely placed objects.

Here,  in this case the resolution of microscope is 300 nm thus any two objects which are placed 300 nm apart will result into production of a blur image.

In this case two cells are placed 320 nm apart and since this distance is larger than 300 nm ,  microscope will  produce images of two separate cells.


Resolving power of an instrument is the power to show two very closely positioned object as separate entity. Due to diffraction of light sometimes two very closely held objects do not look separate. Their images appear to be overlapping on each other . Their images get blurred.

Similarly two stars which are millions of kilometers  separate appear to be a single star due to diffraction of light. But with the help of powerful optical instruments we can resolve them into separate star or look them as separate star This is called the resolving power of optical instrument.

A high power instrument will resolve very closely held object. An instrument which can resolve two objects 2 mm separate can easily resolve objects 3 mm separate .

The given problem describes a microscope having a resolution of 300 nm that means it can resolve two objects held as close as 300 nm . Naturally it can easily resolve two objects which are held at greater distance like at a distance of 320 nm. So it will definitely show two cells separate if they are at a distance of 320 nm.

Separate cells since they are kept at the distance more than the resolution of the microscope.


Resolution represents the minimum distance between two points or two objects that is required to be maintained to observe them as two separate objects under a microscope. In the given example, two cells are kept at a distance of 320 nm and are observed using a microscope with a resolution of 300 nm. This means that these two cells and any other objects that are kept at the distance more than 300 nm will be observed as separate cells/object under this microscope.

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