Which enzyme is responsible for facilitating the hydrogen bonding between the nucleotides in a new dna molecule


The enzyme responsible for facilitating hydrogen bonding between nucleotides in a new DNA molecule is Polymerase.
The answer is DNA polymerase
Once the 2 DNA polynucleotide strands separate and form a complementary strand, the hydrogen bonding between the nucleotides is brought about by 2 enzymes: DNA ligaments and DNA polymerase. DNA polymerase can also 'proofread', that is check for mistakes in the pairing of bases.
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Ligase i believe, if i am not mistaken ^^; I hope this helps somewhat 
I understand it is DNA Polymerase but I'm not sure at all
DNA ligase follows behind and bond the nucleotides together. Two strands of DNA are created.

The enzyme DNA polymerase is responsible for linking the nucleotides in a new DNA strand.

Before replication of DNA occurs, the DNA double helix is first unwound, after which the two strands must be separated  much like the two sides of a zipper by breaking the weak hydrogen bonds that link the paired bases.

The unwound DNA strands are held apart to expose the bases so that new nucleotide partner can hydrogen-bond to them. It is DNA polymerase that moves along the exposed strand, joining newly arrived nucleotides  into a new DNA strand  by linking paired  bases by hydrogen bonds. 

The DNA polymerase is responsible for facilitating the hydrogen bonds between nucleotides in a new DNA molecule.

its the polymerase

"DNA polymerase" is responsible for facilitating the hydrogen bonding between the nucleotides in a new DNA molecule.


It is an enzyme which helps in synthesis of the DNA molecules from the deoxyribonucleotides, which is considered as the base of the DNA. The enzyme s very much required for the replication of the DNA and they have been seen working in pairs so that similar strands of the DNA can be created from the single DNA molecule. DNA polymerase helps in formation of the copies of the DNA which is in form of the nucleic acid molecules.

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