When an infant is upset, a caregiver's soothing actions influence the infant's neurobiological regulation of emotions and lower the level of stress hormones.

a. true
b. false


age range would be the answer

answer; i believe that the correct answer is (b) melosis; plz check first.good luck



Infants unlike children of higher age and adults carry emotional baggage and distress and are unable to come out of that without assistance of elders. Therefore, a care giver has to take care of fulfilling the emotional requirement of infants by adopting and using soothing strategies such as hugging, careful touch etc.  

An infant has undeveloped and un-specialized anterior cingulate cortex which plays an essential role in acting as an interface between cognition and emotion. Therefore, soothing actions and strategies help an infant from dealing with his/her emotional distress.

Hence, the given statement is true

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