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which of the following correctly pairs a biomolecule to its function?
enzyme: makes cell membrane's phospholipid bilayer
cellulose: makes the cell walls of all plant cells
cholesterol: stores genetic information
glucose: increases the rate of a reaction


Answer and Explanation

A biomolecule correctly pairs to its function as following:  

A) Enzyme: increases the rate of a reaction  with the living organism.

B) Cellulose: makes the cell walls of all plant cells .

C) Cholesterols: make cell membranes phospholipid bilayer  in human.

D) Glucose: stores genetics information  inside the living body.

The correct answer is option B, that is, cellulose forms the cell walls of all the plant cells.


Cellulose is an essential structural constituent of the primary cell wall of all the green plants. It is the most abundant organic polymer found on the planet. A structural layer enveloping some kinds of cells, that is, just external to the cell membrane is known as a cell wall. The composition of the cell wall differs among the species and may rely upon the type of cell and the stage of development. The primary cell wall of land plants comprises the polysaccharides, that is, hemicellulose, cellulose, and pectin.


where are the choices


Answer is, Cellulose: makes the cell walls of all plant cells


The plant cell wall is an extracellular structure that surrounds its cells, giving it rigidity, and support. The plant secretes a macro organic molecule to fortify its cell structure, this molecule is called CELLULOSE, which is a carbohydrate (polysaccharide) that makes up most part of the plant's cell wall.

Plants synthesize this polysaccharide cellulose molecule from a long chain of monosaccharide glucose molecules linked together in a B-1,4- linkage. This linkage forms a bundle of cellulose fibres ultimately used to build their cell walls.

Cellulose makes the cell walls of all plant cells.

Option B


Enzymes are biomolecules that act as biocatalysts and to enhance the rate of a chemical reaction. Lipids and proteins make up the cell membrane bilayer. Cholesterol is a lipid molecule that comes under the category of very low density lipoprotein. Its not associated with storing the genetic information. The DNA stores the genetic information.

Glucose is the chief respiratory substrate of a cell. Its not associated with the increase in rate of a reaction. But cellulose is the molecule that is a polymer of glucose that is associated with the formation of cell walls in plants.

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