In asexual reproduction, mitosis occurs but meiosis does not occur which type of reproduction sexual or asexual results in offspring with greater genetic wariation explain your answer.


1) It is the chromosomes, however, that assort independently, not individual genes.

2)  It tells you they're really far apart.
You see, there's this phenomenon called crossing over. Chunks of DNA get randomly swapped between homologous chromosomes. If two genes are close together they're usually swapped together and if they're far apart (say, on opposite ends) they're probably never going to be swapped together because half a chromosome doesn't normally cross over at once.

3)  Sexual reproduction, because it results in offspring that combine alleles from two different individuals. 

(Crossover is fine and dandy and you should mention it, but you'd get a C if you didn't mention that two different individuals are contributing genetic material to the offspring)

Reproduction sexual results in offspring with greater genetic wariation


Sexual reproduction gives greater variability because it allows the offspring to inherit chromosomes and genes from both parents producing random combinations of characters. In meiosis half of chromosomes corresponds to the mother and half to the father; therefore, half of the chromosomes are paternal and half are maternal. Another source of variation by chromosomal combination in meiosis is crossing-over where the combination occurs between the maternal and paternal chromosomes, but is performed within each pair of homologues, multiplying the types of gametes that are formed.

On the other hand, mitosis or asexual reproduction produces identical organisms, so the genetic variation is very low.

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