Describe the relationship between a human community and a biological community



it provides an alternative energy pathway for the reaction to proceed.


a catalyst is a substance that speeds up the rate of a chemical reaction but is not consumed during the course of the reaction.

catalysts increase the rate of reaction without being used up. they do this by lowering the activation energy needed. with a catalyst, more collisions result in a reaction, so the rate of reaction increases. different reactions need different catalysts.

a catalyst works by providing an alternative reaction pathway to the reaction product. the rate of the reaction is increased as this alternative route has a lower activation energy than the reaction route not mediated by the catalyst.

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The difference between the two relationships is that in predation a living being dies to serve as food and in parasitism, the parasite does not kill the host because it would run out of food source. In relationships of commensalism and mutualism, no species is harmed and at least one of them benefits.

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