Approximately how many genes are found on chromosome 11?


By using the ncbi website, you can click on the chromossome 11 (at left side of the screen). it will say that it has 2000 genes, and after that it shows the cromossome and the diseases associated with it, which are: harvay ras oncogene, diabetes, long qt syndrome, best disease, multiple endocrine neoplasia, ataxia talangiectasia. for example, diabetes is when the insulin production is very little or non existing.  since the insulin allows the glucose to enter the cells, and in diabetes this hormone practically doesn't exist, the glucose will accumulate in the blood, causing hyperglycemia.

There are approximately 1600 genes found on chromosome 17.


Because I just answered the question & got it right.

it is 2000 genes,

Chromosome 11 is made of over

⇒ 130 million base pairs.

Approximately  ⇒ 2000 genes are found on chromosome 11

The answer is  144 million base pairs, and  1747 genes.



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Chromosome 11 is made up of 144 million base pairs, and  1747 genes.

Chromosome 11 is one  of the chromosomas of the human. There are 23 chromosomes

The chromosomes are formed by DNA, by genes. Genes are fragments of DNA where genetic information is contained.

The answer is  144 million base pairs, and  1747 genes.

1. Alel
2. Autosom
3. Gonosom
4. Kromatid
5. Sentromer
6. Kinetokor
7. Telosentrik
8. Metasentrik
9. Submetasentrik
10. Akrosentrik


Chromosome 11 likely contains 1,300 to 1,400 genes that provide instructions for making proteins

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