Aman has mutations in his skin cells from excessive sun exposure. these mutations will not be passed along to the man’s offspring because


These mutations were in his skin and had nothing to do with his offspring and I’m very sorry if I’m wrong
The mutations were not genetic but he may pass on the gene to be more sensitive to sun exposure.
The answer to this question Is A

Answer is A This man’s offspring will not inherit his mutations in his skin cells because skin cells are not gametes. A mutation is a change in a cell’s DNA. Any cell in a person’s body can develop a mutation, but in order for a mutation to be passed onto a child, it must be present in the genetic material inherited by the child. This genetic material is contained in gametes or sex cells. Answer is A


Skin cells are normal body cells or somatic cells. Mutations in these cells are known as somatic mutations that do not transfer from one generation to another as these cells do not take place in the process of gamete formation.

Mutations that pass from one to another generation are germline mutations that occur in gamete-forming cells.

Hence, if a man experiences mutation in his skin cells due to sun exposure will not pass mutated traits along to his offspring.

It is recessive


They’re not hereditary to the man. He gained them over time on his own. It’s not genetic

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