The tree in your backyard is home to two cardinals, a colony of ants, a wasp's nest, two squirrels, and millions of bacteria. together, what do all of these organisms represent?


These organisms would be living in what’s called a habitat.
This is a scientific term used to refer to an animal or type of wildlife’s home.

The correct answer would be - a community.


A community is a group of organisms or living things that share the common attributes such as habitat, or geographical area or identity and other commonality. This group or social unit can also be on cultural aspects that they share such as religion, norms and etc.

In the tree of the backyard in the home with two cardinals, a wasp's nest, a colony of ants, two squirrels and millions of bacteria all share the same habitat. The shared habitat which is the tree in this case for all these organisms classifies them as a community.

Thus, the correct answer is - A community.

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A community


In ecology, a community is used to describe a group of organisms of different species populations that live and interact together at a particular time in a common habitat or ecosystem.

The two cardinals, colony of ants, a wasp’s nest, two squirrels, and the millions of bacteria represent a community of different organisms dwelling at the backyard tree.

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