3. cirrus clouds
a. form high in the troposphere.
b. always produce precipitation.
c. are made of ice crystals.
d. two of the above
4. the prefix nimbo- means
a. tall.
b. rain.
c. cold.
d. snow.
5. hail forms only in
a. cumulonimbus clouds.
b. nimbostratus clouds.
c. cirrocumulus clouds.
d. cirrostratus clouds.
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Cirrocumulus clouds look similar to fish scales it just pops over different kind of shapes. I hope this helps(:
Cirrocumulus clouds are called mackerel because its imagery. It looks like the scale of a mackerel fish. This cloud usually be seen during winter. It shows the fair yet cold weather.
Mackerel refers to a kind of a fish from the family of Scombridae.  That’s why cirrocumulus clouds were compared to as a mackerel because the form of the said cloud is the sky is plain and looks like a scale. It appears mostly white but sometimes it also appears gray.
1.       All clouds are made up of tiny ice crystals or small water droplets that form together with a dust on the atmosphere.
Cirrus, cirrostratus and cirrocumulus are made up of ice crystals. It forms when the water vapor goes condensation at high altitudes in where the pressure on the atmosphere reaches the point from 600 mbar at 4000 meter above the sea level up to 200mbar at 12 000m above sea level. These clouds form thunderstorms, cyclones and contrails (a manmade cloud).

3) C  are made of ice crystals

4) rain

5) cumulonimbus clouds


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