These sunflowers are all facing the same way in the morning. the direction of all the flowers will change together as it gets later in the day. what other plant activity is this most like?
a) roots grow down into the soil.
b) vines wrap around a pole they touch.
c) leaves wilt when there is not enough water.
d) stems grow toward a gap of light in a forest.


The correct answer is C.

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The correct answer is C
The answer is d because the both are true right

The new discovery would support the number 2 theory, the ''Impact theory''.

It can very easily be seen why the new discovery supports the ''Impact theory''. A large crater, is most commonly created by a space body that falls on the surface of the Earth, a meteorite or asteroid would be the prime suspects. Also, there have been found minerals in the crater that are commonly found on Earth, which also suggests that this minerals came to this place from outer space and were deposited during the impact. The radioactive dating confirms the period of time to be the one when the dinosaurs went extinct. So all three clues lead us to believe that the ''Impact theory'' is the one that is the most relevant about the extinction that occurred around 65-66 million years ago.

The correct answer is - combination contraceptive pills, if she skip reminder or placebo pills of pack she might skip the period.


Combination birth control pills or oral contraceptive pills are combination of hormones estrogen and progesten in a pack of 28 pills. In these 28 pills, 21 pills called active pills that contain hormones while rest 7 pills are placebo or reminder pills that cause light menstrual period every month.

On the given information we can say that Sadie is on combination contraceptive pills and she can skip her period by skip reminder pills and take active pills.

Thus, the correct answer is -  combination contraceptive pills, if she skip reminder or placebo pills of pack she might skip the period.

D) VP # 1 and 3 both support to the current scientific study.

C) The author believes readers may be unfamiliar with these words and wanted them to be noticed.

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Cones are photoreceptor found in the retina of the eyes, they give colour vision. The scientist would find a cone in the eyes of the pigeon because they have good visual acuity.

The correct answer is Option D) "Stems grow toward a gap of light in a forest."


The phenomenon due to which plant shoot shows a tendency to move towards light is known as "Phototropism".This is caused by a plant hormone called "Auxin".Auxin is produced at the apical ends (both shoot tip and root tip) of the plants and it promotes cell elongation.However, auxin is sensitive to light and gets degraded when exposed to light, so in the shoot tip it is produced on that side of the stem which is not exposed to light.As a result of this, the side of the stem away from light elongates more (due to exposure to auxin) as compared to that which is exposed to light.This causes the stem to bend towards the direction of light.This is the reason for both the sunflower's diurnal movement and movement of the stem towards the light source in forest.Roots grow down the soil due to the phenomenon called Geotropism. The hormone auxin is responsible for the elongation of root-tip towards gravity.The phenomenon due to which vines wrap around the pole they touch is called Thigmotropism (directional movement induced by touch). The plant hormone auxin has an essential function here.Water drawn from  soil by roots is used to maintain a turgor pressure (water pressure) in the leaves that keeps them erect. Absence of water results in a reduction of the turgor pressure in the leaves. This causes the leaves to wilt. Wilting of leaves reduce the surface area of the leaves that is exposed to the sunlight. This again lowers the rate of  transpiration through the stomata in absence of water thereby protecting the plant from dehydration.

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