Brainliest answer fastwhich of the following is not a way that biodiversity is important to an ecosystem?
a different types of decomposers are available to break down many types of waste.
b biodiversity makes ecosystems more stable.
c biodiversity can increase the rate of extinction.
d if one food source goes extinct other food sources are more likely to be available.


the real answer is b. scintillation counter


Biodiversity is not important to increase the rate of extinction.

Option C


Bio diversity is nothing but a measure of variation at the species, genetic, and ecosystem levels.  In other words, Bio diversity can be termed as “Totality of species or genes etc.”  They always tend or help to make the biodiversity more stable and consistent.

They also play a major role in making food source available if any other food source become extinct.  They will never be used to improve the rate of extinction in turn they can only be useful to reduce the rate of extinction.  Hence we can conclude option C as correct answer.

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