Who was the first person to discover lightning to be electricity​…?


The Native Americans.  But, what the history books want you to believe is that it was Christopher Columbus.


The first who discovered The Einstein Roses bridge it was discovered by Ludwig flamm in 1916 a few months after Schwarzschild published his solution and was rediscovered by Albert Einstein and his colleague Nathan Rosen which was published then in 1935

Lucy is the first to discover Narnia because they were playing hide and seek so she went in the wardrobe.She meets Mr. Tumnus because when she entered Narnia there was a lamp post that's where they met. I'm not sure about the last one but i think it would be D because it looks like telling from the story that no one wanted to be around him.                      

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JJ Thomson was the first person to discover the existence of electrons. Although Julius plucker in 1859 observed electrons he couldn't specify his observations instead Thomson was the one who further studied plucker observations and specified it as electrons..

Hernando de Soto

On May 8, 1541, south of present-day Memphis, Tennessee, Spanish conquistador Hernando de Soto reaches the Mississippi River, one of the first European explorers to ever do so.


The discovery of tin cannot be traced to a single person. Instead, tin was uncovered at the heart of the Babylonian civilization. Artifacts dating about 3500BC have unearthed in ancient Ur in Mesopotamia. This is Iraq of today.

Tin predominantly was used as an alloy during this point in time.

Tin is a chemical element symbolized as Sn and with an atomic number of 50.

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cavemen, because they were the first people on this planet and they did eat other living things

as stated in the other ans, wormhole or its scientific name, Einstein–Rosen bridge, was discovered by Ludwig Flamm in 1916. But note that Flamm's discovery was through a general relativity solution on black hole dimension by Schwarzschild. Both Schwarzschild's solution and Flamm's discovery are purely mathematical - no wormhole in reality has been found so far.

Benjamin Franklin



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