The water cycle shows the movement of water in the earth system.
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This is true because like for example evaporation happens for the earth
The correct answer is TRUE.
The answer is true
I think it’s true but not 100 percent sure
I believe the answer is true.



water evaporates from water bodies and returns back in the form of rain,hail etc.

true when the earth turns the water on the earth evaporates into clouds I guess idk

The correct answer is - True.

The water cycle is shows us how the water is moving in the Earth's system. The movement of water is circular, thus it repeats itself in the same manner time and time again. The water cycle in essence is giving a nice representation of how the water is moving, but also interacting with Earth's spheres, like the atmosphere, geosphere, and biosphere.

It all starts with the heating of the water in the water cycle, when the sun radiation makes the water evaporate. Once it starts to evaporate, the water turns into gas, water vapor, which is lighter than the air and moves up as a result of that. Once it reaches a certain height where the temperature is lower, it starts to condensate, and as it condensates it creates clouds. Under the influence of the gravity, the clouds release the small drops of water in them, so they fall on the Earth's surface.

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