Articulate how mechanisms of meiosis, crossing over, and mutation can have an impact on allele diversity and therefore has implications for natural selection.


All of them are man made
The correct answer is c.

Simply by the changing of the DNA.


Meiosis is the process where a cell with 2n chromosomes divide to produce 4  new cells with n number of chromosomes each with different genotypes which is how single-celled organisms reproduce and reproductive cells divide. This creates different genetic combinations therefore supporting diversity and natural selection.

Crossing Over is a procedure that is a part of the meiosis. It is when the chromosomes are replicated and at a total of 4n, the homologous pairs of the chromosomes have a cross-over of DNA, resulting in genetic diversity.

Mutations, even though they are harmful most of the time, are also a process where genetic diversion accours because of either mistakes in the cell divisons or external effects such as radiation. Therefore mutations are also contributing to the allele diversity.

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