Sanshool is a natural compound found in sichuan pepper, which is commonly used in making spicy asian food, and creates a numbing sensation in the mouth. it is known to inhibit a subset of potassium leak channels involved in maintaining the resting membrane potential in sensory neurons. how do you think sanshool affects these sensory neurons?
a. it elevates the resting potential (to less negative values) and makes it easier to excite the neuron.
b. it elevates the resting potential and makes it harder to excite the neuron.
c. it lowers the resting potential and makes it easier to excite the neuron.
d. it lowers the resting potential and makes it harder to excite the neuron.
e. it causes hyperpolarization and decreases the spontaneous firing of the neuron.


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The right option is; the scalenes

The scalenes are sets of three pairs of muscles located within the lateral neck. The scalenes are named according to their location and they are; the anterior scalene, middle scalene, and posterior scalene. The major function of the scalene muscles is to elevate the first two ribs and flexes and to bend and tilt the neck to the same side laterally. The scalenes also function as accessory muscles of inspiration together with the sternocleidomastoids.

5. gains two electrons.


In order to determine the most stable monoatomic ion of oxygen, we need to consider the octet rule: atoms will gain, lose or share electrons to complete their valence shell with 8 electrons.

Oxygen is in the Group 16 in the Periodic Table, so it has 6 valence electrons. Therefore, it will gain two electrons to have the electron configuration of the closest noble gas.

The correct answer is option a.


Sanschool will prevent potassium channels and are utilized as analgesic, as the normal resting membrane potential is going to get upsurged, that is, from -70mV to -25mV. Due to the inhibition of the K+ channels, it will eventually stimulate the action potential to generate the false sensation of pain, that is, proprioception. This sensation will travel to the brain because of the exciting sensory neurons, in the meantime activation of TRPV1 and TRPA1 takes place.

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