Explain why evolution is always changing.​

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hello, i am papaguy your answer is ready.earth's population doubled since 1960. in a report released worldwide yesterday, it said the earth's population had doubled since 1960 to...Read More
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enhanced global partnerships and exploration capabilities may advance international preparedness for protecting the earth from catastrophic events such as some asteroid strikes, a...Read More
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"Graph A" is the one among the following stars given in the question that is most likely to end up as a supernova. The correct option among all the options that are given in the qu...Read More
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1. the energy lost to disorder metabolism     -entropy2. related to or possessing motion potential     -kinetic3. all of the chemical reactions in an organism...Read More
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idk what the options are but these is a strong electrostatic attraction between the ions hence a lot of energy is needed to overcome this attractionthis is why the boiling points a...Read More
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