Building glycogen from glucose molecules is an example of what


The answer should be B. Glycogen is a storage form of carbohydrates in human body, and its converted from glucose. Only if we don't have enough sugar in our blood will make the glucose level raise. To raise the level, a hormone called glucagon will convert stored glycogen back into glucose and release into blood.
However, insulin is the opposite of glucagon. It lowers the glucose level instead.
B. A shortage of sugar in the blood is causing the pancreas to release the hormone glucagon.

Building glycogen from glucose molecules is an example of anabolism.

Anabolism is the set of metabolic pathways that build molecules from smaller units. Energy is required for these types of reactions. Metabolic processes can be either "anabolic" or "catabolic".

Glycogen is polysaccharide which is build from glucose as a smaller units. Glycogen serves as a form of energy storage animals, humans, fungi and bacteria.

It is an example of Anabolism.

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