Applying your knowledge of specific plant hormones, explain the results


That would be a working theory.

as the gila monster consumes the eggs or young of the desert cottontail and gambel's quail, thus its main food supply is only accessible for a restricted time duration every year. however, for this, the gila monsters exhibit three adaptations, which elevate their survival rate in the desert condition.  

first, is that they possess huge bodies, and can consume greater concentrations of food during a small period. secondly, they require to feed infrequently as they can accumulate fat in their tails. ultimately, their rate of metabolism is very low, so that they can burn their reservoirs of fat gradually.  


sequence 1- deletion

                  2- duplication

                  3- insertion

                  4- substitute

                  5- inversion

This is post test! drag each label to the correct location. match the changed nucleotide sequence

i think that d. wind is the answer.   i missed the question when i answered a. currents.

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