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In photography, there many techniques to getting the best photo of an animal. which of the following would best to get a great photo of a pet?

have someone else with you make sure the pet won't run off
focus on its eyes
make sure you have the camera on landscape setting
make sure the flash setting is on to get the best photo


The correct answer is Kabuki is a form of drama performed for the common people.

Kabuki is a classical Japanese dance drama known for the stylization of it's drama and the elaborate make up worn by their performers.

The Kami are a holy being that represent an aspect of nature, a sacred place, and ancestor or clan.

How did the Confucianism affected Japanese women? The answer for that is D. The status of women became lower.

The elements of Chinese culture that influenced Japanese culture were:


because without an organized religion of their own, Buddhism and Confucianism had an strong appeal to the Japanese people.


With the coming of Religion, it also came making elaborate temples and with that development, they came to build more complex buildings with larger rooms and inner courtyards.

Painting Styles:

As new artistic styles came with the import of Buddhist temples, Japan took many elements from Chinese art world over the eras.

Japanese samurai were drawn to Bushido because of their teachings emphasizing discipline and self-control.

Bushido was born from Neo-Confucianism in the edo period while also being influenced by Shinto and Zen Buddhism allowing the samurai to be tempered by wisdom, serenity and patience.

Number of molecules: N = 263.31

Further explanation

Some of the laws regarding gas can apply to ideal gas (volume expansion does not occur when the gas is heated),:

Boyle's law at constant T,

\displaystyle P = \dfrac {1} {V}

Charles's law, at constant P,

\displaystyle V = T

Avogadro's law, at constant P and T,

\displaystyle V = n

So that the three laws can be combined into a single gas equation, the ideal gas equation

In general, the gas equation can be written

\large {\boxed {\bold {PV = nRT}}}


P = pressure, atm , N/m²

V = volume, liter

n = number of moles

R = gas constant = 0.082 l.atm / mol K (P= atm, v= liter),or 8,314 J/mol K (P=Pa or N/m2, v= m³)

T = temperature, Kelvin

n = N / No

n = mole

No = Avogadro number (6.02.10²³)

n = m / m

m = mass

M = relative molecular mass


P = 10−12 N / m2

V = 1 cm3 = 10-6 m3

T = 2 ºC = 2 + 273 = 275 K

R = 8,314 J / mol. K

\rm n=\dfrac{PV}{RT}\\\\n=\dfrac{10^{-12}\times 10^{-6}}{8.314\times 275}\\\\n=\boxed{\bold{4.374\times 10^{-22}}}

then the number of molecules (N):

N = n x No

N = 4,374.10⁻²² x 6.02.10²³

N = 263.31

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Which equation agrees with the ideal gas law

Which law relates to the ideal gas law

Kabuki (歌舞伎) is a classical Japanese dance-drama. Kabuki theatre is known for the stylization of its drama and for the elaborate make-up worn by some of its performers. The individual kanji, from left to right, mean sing (歌), dance (舞), and skill (伎).

Kami (Japanese: 神, [kaꜜmi]) are the spirits or phenomena that are worshipped in the religion of Shinto. They can be elements of the landscape, forces of nature, as well as beings and the qualities that these beings express; they can also be the spirits of venerated dead persons.


The Buddhist religion came with the rest of early Chinese culture and made an impact. Buddhism was a coherent set of beliefs which forced the native traditions to define themselves as an alternative to the Chinese influence. At the same time, Confucian concepts of government and society also arrived in Japan.

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Hey there!:

We are given   P = 10⁻²² N/m2 ,

Volume, V = 1 cm3= 10⁻⁶ m³ and

T= 13ºC= 13+273= 286 K

Using gas law,  P*V = n R T,  where n is number of moles and R=8.314JK⁻¹.

n = PV/(RT) =>  n = 10-12*10⁻⁶/ (8.314*286) = 4.205*10₋²² moles

Hence number of molecules = number of moles * Avogadro's number

= 4.205*10-22 moles * 6.023*1023 molecules/mole

= 253

Number of molecules = 250 (upto 2 significant figures)


The correct answer is Kabuki is a form of drama performed for the common people.

Confucius was a Chinese philosopher who lived from 551 to 479 BCE. It is one of the 3 main Chinese religions. This religion also spread to Japan. Its main principles are morality, humanity, and loyalty.

However, the impact of Confucianism was not positive for all people. Women saw their statuses lowered under this discipline.

Confucianism was not the only influence China had on Japan's culture. Japan was strongly influenced by China's religions (Buddhism and Confucianism), governmental structure, art, and farming.

Japan had some wonderful cultural aspects of their own. Kabuki was a Shinto type of theatre or drama and the Kami were the Shinto gods.

Japan is also known for their Samurai warriors. These warriors lived by a code known as Bushido - loyalty, ethical behavior, and self-discipline.

Below you can find the active voice version of the given sentences.

1. That pass was thrown very poorly =

They threw the pass very poorly.

2. The advertisement was played on that radio station every hour of the day. =

They played the advertisement on the radio station every hour of the day.

3. Mistakes were made in the way your claim was handled.

You made mistakes in the way you handled the claim.

4. There are many techniques that can be used to improve sentence fluency.=

You can use many techniques to improve sentence fluency.

5. My computer was used for work every day I was supposed to be on my vacation.=

They used my computer every day I was supposed to be on my vacation.

247 molecules


This problem can be solved by using the ideal gas equation:


where in this case we have

p=10^{-12}N/m^2 = 10^{-12} Pa is the lowest pressure attainable

V=1 cm^3 = 1\cdot 10^{-6}m^2 is the volume we are considering

n is the number of moles

R is the gas constant

T=19^{\circ}+273=292 K is the absolute temperature

Solving the equation for n, we find

n=\frac{pV}{RT}=\frac{(10^{-12} Pa)(1\cdot 10^{-6}m^3)}{(8.314 J/mol K)(292 K)}=4.1\cdot 10^{-22}mol

And since the number of molecules in 1 mole of gas is

N_A = 6.022\cdot 10^{23} (avogadro number)

The number of molecules present here is

N=n N_A = (4.1\cdot 10^{-22}mol)(6.022 \cdot 10^{23} mol^{-1})=246.9 \sim 247

so, there are approximately 247 molecules.

It is pretty good overall but try not to repeat yourself so much. Whenever you make a point then there isn't really any need to say it again but good work


B.) Focus on its eyes


Focusing on the pets eyes would best help to get a great photo because you are making it your main subject in the photo. Think of it this way: when you take a photograph of a friend, a family member, or your boo-thing, you always want them to look at the camera, right? Same goes for when taking pictures of tamed and domesticated animals. Obviously, this does not apply for wild animals, because you'd rather not make eye contact with a grizzly bear. Having someone else with you will only distract the pet and give it a better reason to run up to you. Having the landscape setting on is great, but you not only want the best quality, but the best looking picture to show off your pet. Making sure the flash is on is not such a hot idea because an animal my be frightened from the sudden flash from your camera. You best bet is to take the picture during the day when it's bright and sunny. This crosses out options A, C, and D, leaving you with your only choice, option B.

Hope this helps ya ツ

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