Can somebody me answer this questions.

Can somebody me answer this questions.


The first choice.

In an inequality you should see the following signs:


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The answer is 1,125.  You multiply 45 and 25 and you get your answer.
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Just take 138 and divide by 6 you will get 23. To check your answer take 23x 6=138

She spent 7 7/8
It's 29.35 together. I think. Hope helped
Is there a picture with the graph or data ?

12 < 3b

b = 12/3 = 4


2b +14 <4

2b < -10


the 4th line is correct



Acceleration can be thought of as [Change in Velocity]/[Change in time]. To find these changes, you simply subtract the initial quantity from the final quantity.

So for this question you have:

V_i = 110m/sV_f = 80m/st_i = 0st_f = 20s

which means that the acceleration = (80-110)/(20-0)[m/s²] = (-30/20)m/s² = -1.5m/s²

  the third one

Step-by-step explanation:

4.  23 6 fluid ounce servings
5.  7 and 7/8ths
29.35 miles together. You just add each of their miles and get their miles together as a total.

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