welll its a very hard question but ill step-by-step explanation: first you take the 6 dollars and add 10 to it then add the 50 to that then multiply by 8 with xy and your answer wi... Read More
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English, 25.02.2021, cathydaves
for this case, we must find the number of deaths per day of the year 2015, in automobile accidents, knowing that 32,400 people died. knowing that the year 2015 had 365 days we have... Read More
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Mathematics, 25.02.2021, Savageboyn
For this case:D.-) The system has infinitely many solutions.Explanation:Remember that you have to write complete questions in order to find exact and good answers. In this exercise... Read More
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Mathematics, 25.02.2021, bhaven2005
i think it will be zero as slope has a formula of difference between initial and final distance divided by itz time interval... Read More
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Mathematics, 25.02.2021, petroale000
10 cmstep-by-step explanation: if the polygon is a rectangle, then the perimeter is x+x+y+y. using the values that you gave, the perimeter is 3+3+2+2=10cm.... Read More
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